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The Expert Patient difference

This is not simply about finding more health information. That’s why Google exists. It’s not about technology – there are numerous other options. It’s not another form of social media and it’s not an additional knowledge management system.

The Expert Patient Movement is about personalising health and collaborating as people.

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You’re not Alone

Often, we can feel that we’re not supported when living with a chronic complaint. But you don’t have to do it alone. In managing an illness, we need self-management support to understand our health in a wider social and personal sense. We need people who listen and who care.

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Know, feel, achieve

First, we need trustworthy information. That means teaching doctors health literacy and communication skills, empathy and motivational interviewing. Then we need to learn how to trust our “gut” and our emotions through mindfulness and postive psychology. Finally, we need to act decisively by using the right processes, strategies and training.

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How it works

We assess your “social capital” – your strong and weak ties – via detailed assessments. We examine your abilities to build links with self-compassion,  empathy, forgiveness, altruism and social responsibility. Then we create a personalized action plan to help you grow the levels of social support in your life.

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The Global Health Alliance (GHA) is about moving group support from offsite to online using videoconferencing and messaging to feed the
Expert Patient Movement.

It’s about not-for-profit, asynchronous support and collaboration through self-paced programs and access to on-demand training materials at membership sites, communities, groups or social networks. We are co-creating health through collaboration between patients, health professionals and institutions.

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