Our Mission

GHA is developing a new culture of help through worldwide collaboration and collective intelligence via the engagement of citizens, experts and institutions.


Dr Serrano Knows…

That due to the high levels of specialization in medicine, there is a tendency to see the patient as just an ankle or just an eye etc. 

Patients spend an average of 10 hours a day in a clinic and the other 8750 hours each year trying to manage their illnesses alone. The situation is worse with chronic illness.

  Following the Expert Patient Movement (EPM)

We aim to create an unstructured online organization where we will share
standards and knowledge under the principles and values of EPM.


The Expert Patient Program (EPP)

In 2006, Dr Serrano started the Spanish EPP program, in which trained patients led chronic illness groups in collaboration with health professionals, sharing skills and experiences related to such complaints as diabetes and obesity. The program was a modification of the chronic disease self management program (CDSMP) from the University of Stanford, which now exists in 50 countries.


He Did Something Different

Dr Serrano’s main achievement has been leading a project in collaboration with the World Health Organization and Stanford University for people suffering from Type II Diabetes. He spent three years working for free but saw the critical importance of messaging and group meetings in the effective management of the disease.


The Global Health Alliance

Now, Dr Serrano’s aim is to use the principles of the Expert Patient Movement to create more support groups led by expert patients and supported by health professionals. The goals: maintenance of good health through improved lifestyle, monitoring symptoms to inform treatment, managing stress and/or emotional consequences of illness, and interacting effectively with health professionals to ensure that patients’ needs are met.


Next Steps…

Dr Serrano is planning to develop specific training programs tailored for patients, health professionals, health institutions and volunteer citizens, all of whom will become facilitators. He wants to develop virtual collaborations to explore opportunities to implement self-management support interventions locally with help from expert online knowledge management.


Join Our Movement

The Global Health Alliance (GHA) is about moving group support from offsite to online using videoconferencing and messaging to feed the Expert Patient Movement. It’s about not-for-profit, asynchronous support and collaboration through self-paced programs and access to on-demand training materials at membership sites, communities, groups or social networks. We are co-creating health through collaboration between patients, health professionals and institutions.

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