Achieve Your Diabetes Goals

With weekly peer support under the supervision of health professionals, 
you can lose weight without going on a diet or increasing your medication – 
and keep the weight off.

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  How to Join

Step #1 

You’ll complete a FREE comprehensive personal health assessment based on your needs so that we know exactly what issues you have with your diabetes treatment and what help you need.

Step #2

You’ll receive a personalized report based on your assessment results and a health plan for the next month.

Step #3

Have a free 30-minute video conference call with Dr Manuel Serrano-Gil to discuss your issues, your concerns and how Global Health Alliance can help you. You’ll also get access to a library of useful resources and materials at a private membership site, a dedicated Facebook group, and discounts for other online services online provided by our partners.

Step #4

Sign up for the self-paced online support group. Attendance in this group will be FREE if you commit to attend four consecutive online group meetings in a month (The initial charge of $27.00 will be refunded or donated if you attend all meetings.)

Recognized and Funded by:

Dr. Barometer Practice in Diabetic Retinopathy

 Bayer Pharmaceutical

Pan-American Health Organization

World Health Organization


  • 1. What is the difference between Expert Patient Movement and other peer support groups as alcoholic anonymous or a therapy group?

    • EPM are self management support (SMS) groups. Peer support groups are lead by patients and therapy groups are lead by health professionals. SMS groups are lead both by patients and health professionals. To know more keep reading here

  • 2. Is this a non profit project?

    • Yes. Although we need contributions and donations from our participants to make the project rolling. That is the reason why we ask for donations under a crowdfunding campaign. Ideally costs of the project should be covered by governments, companies etc

  • 3. What kind of diet do you recommend? Is this program a substitute of my personal follow-up for the health professionals

    • We dont recommend an specific diet or a type of exercise. This program is not about health information, about WHAT to do. That needs to be specified by your doctor, nurse, etc. Nevertheless we can recommend general counseling but always all the health info needs to be confirmed to be applied to your case by your personal health professional.

      This program is about SUPPORT. With support, you will get the motivation and the trust and self-steem in your self to achieve your personal health purposes.

      So, this program is not a substitute, but a complement of your personal followup by your health professional

  • 4. What is the role of the providers/leaders/facilitators of the meetings? Are they qualified? Are all health professionals?

    • Providers/facilitators can be health professionals and/or patients or just citizens willing to help others without a commercial purpose. 

      When health professionals participate as facilitators, they do that not under their condition as health professionals, so they dont answer at the meetings about the questions related with health information, but refer instead patients to their personal health provider.

  • 5. Is there a methodology to run the group meetings?

    • Expert Patient Programme in Spain started based in the Chronic Disease Self Management Program from the University of Stanford. Patients can learn skills to manage groups, using motivational interviewing and other evidence-based techniques.

      We also recommend evidence-based medicine interventions delivered over the web by other institutions.

  • 6. What happens to the money I pay?

    • The majority of the money is refunded if you attend meetings because that is the purpse of the project. Any remaining funds are used to provide free health solutions for people who need them. (e.g. pregnant women.)

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